The Digits: My Just Gel Polish Experience

Welp here I am a week later posting about my latest experience with a gel manicure.  I’ve got 2 words for you no bueno.  So far I’ve tried the Perfect Match gel polish brand and the Just Gel Polish brand with an accent finger in the Gelaxy brand.  Now the gel manicures promise to last up to 14 days but I know for me that’s probably unrealistic as I seem to spend more time than I’d like with my hands in water (also I’m a mild germophob sooooo there’s that).  My mission is to find the gel polish with the nicest colors that’s lasts the longest for me.  Perfect Match was pretty good, I had a good 8-9 day run with a flawless manicure and on their website that have some fall/winter colors that I’m excited to try.

Just Gel Polish brand however I’m totally disappointed by, I got my nails done on Thursday and by the following Tuesday they were peeling off.  Before I was able to just peel it off it started to lift at the tips of my nails allowing dirt to get under them which made for gross looking nails and led me to just pull the shit off (excuse my french),  I was completely over it!  Not my idea of a good time that’s for sure.  Needless to say although they offer super cute color options I won’t be giving Just Gel Polish another go round.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!


No Worries…I Got This! 


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