This Week in Mommyhood….The Art of Persuasion

Art of persuasionI’m sure this will somehow backfire in some hilarious yet not really funny way but I’ve found the magic words to light a fire under babygirl’s ass when she’s reluctant to do what’s asked of her…”like a big girl”.  It’s like a princess wand that makes all the reluctance she feels magically disappear, which makes her nickname for me “princess mommy” all the more fitting!

Let me explain…I’m learning that parenting a toddler along with lots of love, hugs and kisses is about persuasion and distractions more than anything else.   If she’s crying for no particular reason besides frustration, let’s have a dance party.  When she’s upset because she wants something that she can’t have “oh look at the birdie”.  See what I did there, go on admit it, that was smooth.  Yes we discipline them and teach them manners and their abc’s and 123’s and how to be decent human beings but sometimes the situation is too light to put the fear of God into them and they don’t quite yet grasp the concept of bargaining or threatening and so you have to use the art of persuasion, ours happens to be “like a big girl”.

Me: do you wanna go potty?
BG: (clearly overdue for a potty break) not yet mommy
Me: are you sure you don’t wanna go potty like a big girl?
BG: (ponders)) ok I go potty

Me: eat what’s in your mouth (after 10 minutes of holding food in her mouth)
BG: (ignores me)
Me: eat your food like a big girl
BG: (swallows then opens her mouth to show food is all gone)

We knew even from a couple of months old when she snatched the bottle from me so that she could hold her own or when she mastered walking and we had to fight for her to hold our hand while walking outside, that babygirl was going to be independent and stubborn as hell. It’s crazy how babies excuse me little people already are who they are going to be at such a young age. If I had to guess it’s because somehow someway in her little mind she thinks along with being a big girl comes independence. And then I’m sure next comes us having to remind her that she ain’t grown. *rolling my eyes* We’ll cross that bridge if we get to it. Until then I’mma ride this “like a big girl” until the wheels fall off.


No Worries…I Got This!


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