Alexander Wang at H&M

According to the high volume of shoppers on the site very shortly after 10am I’m gonna go ahead and say the whole free world is aware that Alexander WangxH&M launched today 8am in stores and 10am online, and if you are one of the very few that didn’t know…too late now, everything from the roota to the toota is gone.

So if I were able to actually get on the site at 10:02am without seeing an error message about there being way too many people on the site therefore you gotta wait. Or. If everything, even down to the socks (Biggie voice), weren’t sold out by 10:14am, I would have probably been trying to purchase the following items from A Wang at H&M. There is definitely a scuba theme going on but paired with the right basics these items are so dope. Here are a few articles that were calling my name:

View the entire collection/lookbook here:

Do you like? What are some of your favorite pieces? Come on let’s fantasy shop together lol!


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