So I guess that means I’m Queen


That is the number of days in a row baby girl has worn her Halloween Princess Sofia the first costume.  The number of days I’ve had to beg and plead for her to take it off so that she can bathe, sleep, eat, etc.  The number of days I’ve come home from work only to see her prancing around in it.  The number of days I’ve had to lift layer after layer after layer of tulle so that she can go potty.  For the first week it was hella annoying, now I’m just going with the flow, happy that she now allows enough time without it to bathe, let’s me wash it and takes it off without a fight to go outside.  Like I said at first it was annoying to me because she got so many cute things for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to dress her up and style her little fashionista self.  But as all moms will tell you the first rule you learn is it is no longer about you.  So I had to put aside my desires to dress her up like my little doll baby and instead let her dress up like a princess.

This is so foreign to me because I didn’t play dress up when I was little (confirmed by my mommy) well besides wanting to wear my purple and white ruffle mini skirt every single day.  So I have no idea how to deal with this.  I never understood why I would see kids in passing with their spider man costumes on in the middle spring I get it now, baby girl at least lets me take her costume off to go outside but I wouldn’t be surprised if any day now she gave me sh*t about taking it off period.  And in that case I would let her wear that thing outside, to bed, out to dinner, until it could stand up by itself.  Anything to keep the princess happy.


No Worries….Queen Mommy’s got this!IMG_2823


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