Lights, Camera, Fashion…2015 Oscars

I know I know I’m super late, sh*t happens!

Surprisingly, I didn’t absolutely hate any look this year, however I did LOVE quite a few.  Without further ado here is a slideshow of the looks that gave me life because afterall who doesn’t love a good slideshow on a Friday!

Enjoy and TGIfrickingF my friends~

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Photo Credit: Buzzfeed


What were some of your favorite/non so fave looks?




My Road to Greatness…

confortable 4

I took a couple weeks okay maybe a month off of blogging because I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my grown up responsibilities….being a grown up sucks a$$ btw.  Every aspect of my thoughts, my to dos, my actions started feeling like the end of my days, so I decided it was time. I just needed to take a break to get my sugar honey iced tea together and get back aligned with my zen and return to my regular form of chaos that I manage with both hands tied behind my back as opposed to this new overwhelming chaos that has thrown me for a loop-dee-loo.

uncomfortable 3

I’m back now and I’m here to tell ya, that break sh*t did not work lol.  I think this new chaos is just the new norm for me, a new challenge that I have to make my b*tch.  Babygirl grew up in what seems like overnight which means more dialogue, more activity, more teaching (I’m slowly teaching her how to cook and hopefully soon there will be baby’s in the kitchen cooking….posts), more doing, more vitamin d…just more everything.  I challenged myself at the beginning of this year to be great, I mean I know I’m already awesome but I want to be great at being awesome.  For me that means dedicating the time and effort it takes to just be the best me in no matter what it is. So in my effort to keep that going I think it all hit me like a ton of bricks.


Being great is hard fricking work, instead of going about your day in the thoughtless, monotonous manner many of us have grown accustomed to doing, I now have to think about doing things, seeing things, reacting to things differently.  Not as easy as it seems.  I’m trying and I’m failing, some days (most days) I think about giving up and just being mediocre.  I try and I succeed too though, how do I know?  When babygirl (who I swear has the ability to sense what I’m feeling because she always says or does the right things at the right times) said to me “mommy you’re the best mommy evur”.  After almost hugging the life out of her wittle body and crying a couple of b*tch baby tears I feel energized to continue on my journey to greatness.

~queue Maxwell’s version of This Woman’s Work~

I keep seeing these postcards and meme’s all over the internet talking about you know you’re experiencing growth when you are in a constant state of being uncomfortable, now I totally know what that means.

So cheers to me being back, being hella uncomfortable and being great!


Greatness!  No worries….I got this!