To Pimp A Butterfly review

pimp a butterfly

In April of 2013 I wrote a post about Kendrick Lamar (Good Kid, MAAD City) and how he was the breath of fresh air for Hip Hop that came at the perfect time.

Well almost 2 whole years later he’s come out with his Sophomore album To Pimp A Butterfly and I stand oh so firm in my opinion that he is just what the game needs right when we need it.  I want to call this a conscious album because it addresses a lot of the current day social bullshit that’s going on but with a Doggy Style storytelling type of vibe.  The best way I can describe it is to say it’s like going to a hip hop play, like a movie literally plays in my mind when I’m listening to this album.  And I am here for it all!!!!

There are very few albums nowadays that I can listen to in it’s entirety with no track skipping, so to say that I have listened to Pimp A Butterfly on repeat for a couple of days says it all.  I didn’t know if Kendrick would live up to my love of Good Kid MAAD City but he far surpassed my expectations.  This guy is definitely Hip Hop greatness and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store.  Go cop that album!  You’ll can thank me later!

No worries…I Got This!


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