Walking In Faith


To say that my faith has been tested this summer would be a complete and total understatement. It seems as though whenever we (Mr. Grumps & I) get over one hurdle another hurdle comes along that makes me think damn I thought that last hurdle was big, this one’s even bigger. But I know that trouble doesn’t last always and so I walk in faith.

Some mornings I feel like I just don’t have it in me to face the day. But I know that someone somewhere wasn’t blessed enough to wake up. And so I say my prayers, I get up and I walk in faith.

I find myself asking “why us Lord”. But I know that HE must be working on something greater and so I say thy will be done and I walk in faith.

Sometimes I catch myself worrying. But I know that I can’t pray AND worry. And so I cast my worries aside and I walk in faith.

Walking in faith is not easy to do especially when the majority of us feel like we have control over or can control everything that goes on. But like my granny always tells me “If God brought you to it then He will bring you through it”. And so I continue to walk in faith.

I hope that someone reads this and is reminded of how almighty the Lord is and walks in faith.

No Worries…..God’s got this!


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