New Blog: Cakes and a Cocktail


To all my followers old and new, first I would like to say thank you for showing interest and visiting me as I rant and rave about life.  Second I hope you follow me over to my new site Cakes and a Cocktail

I love wipingbuttsandtakingnames but I just needed a change…a new name, new look and to talk about some new things.  I’m the same girl with the same sense of humor only now with a 4 year old (woohooo! not as much butt wiping these days) and a wee bit more experience and much more comedic material in parenting AND DRINKING (just kidding, kinda, not really, seriously though) and a lot more interest in getting back to myself, if you know what I mean.

So please do me a favor and check it out and if you like what you read follow/subscribe/share/tell a friend to tell a friend.  I appreciate ya!  😉