Jam of the Week (Lights & Camera)

This song is just an example of why I love/live for music.  I love this song and LOVE her voice!  Enjoy…..

Song: Lights & Camera

Artist: Yuna

Album: Nocturnal


Jam of the Week (Play No Games)

I’ve been loving this song for a month or two now it’s just a dope laid back kinda old school flow and I am so glad it now has a video for me to share with you.  Big Sean is winning me over consistently with every song he drops.  Enjoy!

Song: Play No Games

Artist: Big Sean

Album: Dark Sky Paradise

Jam of the Week…..Classic Man

First let me say Hello!

Alot of us have grown sick and gotdamn tired of looking at the skinny jeans, hanging off the butt, I can see your boxer briefs, damn his pants tighter than mine, can guys get yeast infections look that in more cases than not has become the look of Hip Hop.  In walks Jidenna the breath of motherloving fresh air we’ve all been hoping for.  I love that he looks nothing like what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing as Hip Hop.  Can he be on to something? Lort I hope so, I wouldn’t mind seeing dudes sharpen up!  Oh and I also love the song.  Enjoy!

Song: Classic Man

Artist: Jidenna

To Pimp A Butterfly review

pimp a butterfly

In April of 2013 I wrote a post about Kendrick Lamar (Good Kid, MAAD City) and how he was the breath of fresh air for Hip Hop that came at the perfect time.

Well almost 2 whole years later he’s come out with his Sophomore album To Pimp A Butterfly and I stand oh so firm in my opinion that he is just what the game needs right when we need it.  I want to call this a conscious album because it addresses a lot of the current day social bullshit that’s going on but with a Doggy Style storytelling type of vibe.  The best way I can describe it is to say it’s like going to a hip hop play, like a movie literally plays in my mind when I’m listening to this album.  And I am here for it all!!!!

There are very few albums nowadays that I can listen to in it’s entirety with no track skipping, so to say that I have listened to Pimp A Butterfly on repeat for a couple of days says it all.  I didn’t know if Kendrick would live up to my love of Good Kid MAAD City but he far surpassed my expectations.  This guy is definitely Hip Hop greatness and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store.  Go cop that album!  You’ll can thank me later!

No worries…I Got This!