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I love wipingbuttsandtakingnames but I just needed a change…a new name, new look and to talk about some new things.  I’m the same girl with the same sense of humor only now with a 4 year old (woohooo! not as much butt wiping these days) and a wee bit more experience and much more comedic material in parenting AND DRINKING (just kidding, kinda, not really, seriously though) and a lot more interest in getting back to myself, if you know what I mean.

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Jam of the Week: Ultralight Beam

If you know me personally or learned anything about me from my blog you know 3 facts:

  2. I love Kanye West and all his antics!
  3. I kind of have impeccable taste when it comes to music.

With that said this song is so amazeballs it brought me out of blog hiding.  I had to get back on the grid to share this with you.

Ultralight Beam to me is as close to musical perfection as I’ve heard in a really long time.  From the choir (who doesn’t love a choir) to Kelly Price’s strong and powerful voice, The Dream’s uniquely odd but just right for this track vocals to Kirk Franklin making you feel like you got some church to last but definitely not least Chance the Rapper losing his gotdamn mind and going off like he was hit with the holy ghost.  This song is EVERYTHING!

Kanye performed this past weekend on Saturday Night Live and they all gave an awesome performance.  (I love how Kanye steps back and goes off to Chance going off).


Song: Ultralight Beam

Artist: Kanye West ft. The Dream, Kelly Price, Chance the Rapper and Kirk Franklin.

Album: The Life of Pablo


video courtesy of NBC.COM/Saturday Night Live

My Road to Greatness…

confortable 4

I took a couple weeks okay maybe a month off of blogging because I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my grown up responsibilities….being a grown up sucks a$$ btw.  Every aspect of my thoughts, my to dos, my actions started feeling like the end of my days, so I decided it was time. I just needed to take a break to get my sugar honey iced tea together and get back aligned with my zen and return to my regular form of chaos that I manage with both hands tied behind my back as opposed to this new overwhelming chaos that has thrown me for a loop-dee-loo.

uncomfortable 3

I’m back now and I’m here to tell ya, that break sh*t did not work lol.  I think this new chaos is just the new norm for me, a new challenge that I have to make my b*tch.  Babygirl grew up in what seems like overnight which means more dialogue, more activity, more teaching (I’m slowly teaching her how to cook and hopefully soon there will be baby’s in the kitchen cooking….posts), more doing, more vitamin d…just more everything.  I challenged myself at the beginning of this year to be great, I mean I know I’m already awesome but I want to be great at being awesome.  For me that means dedicating the time and effort it takes to just be the best me in no matter what it is. So in my effort to keep that going I think it all hit me like a ton of bricks.


Being great is hard fricking work, instead of going about your day in the thoughtless, monotonous manner many of us have grown accustomed to doing, I now have to think about doing things, seeing things, reacting to things differently.  Not as easy as it seems.  I’m trying and I’m failing, some days (most days) I think about giving up and just being mediocre.  I try and I succeed too though, how do I know?  When babygirl (who I swear has the ability to sense what I’m feeling because she always says or does the right things at the right times) said to me “mommy you’re the best mommy evur”.  After almost hugging the life out of her wittle body and crying a couple of b*tch baby tears I feel energized to continue on my journey to greatness.

~queue Maxwell’s version of This Woman’s Work~

I keep seeing these postcards and meme’s all over the internet talking about you know you’re experiencing growth when you are in a constant state of being uncomfortable, now I totally know what that means.

So cheers to me being back, being hella uncomfortable and being great!


Greatness!  No worries….I got this!

So I guess that means I’m Queen


That is the number of days in a row baby girl has worn her Halloween Princess Sofia the first costume.  The number of days I’ve had to beg and plead for her to take it off so that she can bathe, sleep, eat, etc.  The number of days I’ve come home from work only to see her prancing around in it.  The number of days I’ve had to lift layer after layer after layer of tulle so that she can go potty.  For the first week it was hella annoying, now I’m just going with the flow, happy that she now allows enough time without it to bathe, let’s me wash it and takes it off without a fight to go outside.  Like I said at first it was annoying to me because she got so many cute things for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to dress her up and style her little fashionista self.  But as all moms will tell you the first rule you learn is it is no longer about you.  So I had to put aside my desires to dress her up like my little doll baby and instead let her dress up like a princess.

This is so foreign to me because I didn’t play dress up when I was little (confirmed by my mommy) well besides wanting to wear my purple and white ruffle mini skirt every single day.  So I have no idea how to deal with this.  I never understood why I would see kids in passing with their spider man costumes on in the middle spring I get it now, baby girl at least lets me take her costume off to go outside but I wouldn’t be surprised if any day now she gave me sh*t about taking it off period.  And in that case I would let her wear that thing outside, to bed, out to dinner, until it could stand up by itself.  Anything to keep the princess happy.


No Worries….Queen Mommy’s got this!IMG_2823

Sometimes Nothing Is Everything

Usually during the weekend I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make up for not being born filthy rich and therefore not being able to spend as much time with  Babygirl because I have to slave to the man for 11 hours a day (I’ve included travel time because anyone who commutes to work in New York City is fully aware that it’s a job in and of itself).  So I’m always trying to find and makeup new fun memories for us to partake, in the hopes that when she looks back she’ll remember all the fun times and not all the times mommy wasn’t there because she was slaving to the man because she wasn’t born filthy rich and doesn’t have any talents that could afford her the hopes of being rich.  But I digress!  Sprinkle in some weekend cleaning (they don’t call me Queen Cleanopatra or Cleanlomaniac for nothing), some laundry doing, some errand running, some preparing for the week ahead and gosh darn it no wonder I’m always tired.

Today I found myself sitting on the couch with my feet up, blanket across my lap, catching up on old tv and playing with Thomas the engine with Babygirl amidst a messy room (well by messy I mean I don’t feel an onset of a germophobic OCD panic attack), unbathed and uninterested in the thought of bathing at the moment and I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief and say to myself this is hella nice!  I need to do this more often.


Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, we sure as hell are.

No Worries….I Got This!

This Week in Mommyhood: Caring is for the birds!

I’m treading in very unfamiliar territory these days and it’s so uncomfortable. I’ve never really been too keen on caring what people had to say about me or how I lived my life, as long as I knew I was doing the best that I could, that I was making decisions that I was okay with, that I wasn’t hurting anyone and I didn’t disgrace my parental units too much or too often I was good. I sent my mother into her fair share of panic attacks but I’ll just chock those up to growing pains. I didn’t even bat an eye when my granny told me I was going to hell for having an abundance of tattoos and for “living in sin”, I actually laughed. So besides a small share of times I’ve never really been affected by people’s opinion of me…..


That is until I became a mom. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not walking around seeking approval from the whole free world but now I am deeply affected by things that my support system says and thinks in regards to me being a mom. Which is so ridiculously stupid and annoying, I don’t like this feeling one bit. Because of these new “unwanted” feelings I’ve been experiencing I allowed something that a close family member said make me so angry that I completely lost my cool. And usually I’m the cool even-tempered one in the room. Well until shit hits the fan but that’s another story for another time lol. Babygirl’s hair was commented on by a family member and I went from 0-300 REAL QUICK! That’s some shit you just don’t do…EVER! I’ve gotten fired up about people going out of their way to say something about Gabby Douglas’ hair instead of the greatness that she achieved and when that stupid petition was posted online for Jay & Bey to do something with Blue Ivy’s hair so I think it’s was a given that when the comment was made about Babygirl’s hair I lost my shit. The comment was made about 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t made my way back down to 0.

221115071c53b0159f ,

This is when it gets annoying if it were said about me cooler heads would have prevailed I’d have a super snappy comeback, laugh and dismiss you just like that. But you say something about my child and the hot head in me was unleashed and all my God given common sense just flew out the damn window. I’m aware that I have absolutely no control over the things that come out of people’s mouth and I have all the control in the world over my reactions and this is something I try to live by on a daily basis but when you throw being a mom and having something said about my kid into the mix it’s totally unconquered territory for me. Which is where the being uncomfortable and annoyed comes in, it’s like I know the numbers and I know the equations I just can’t apply the math. Ugh! I am absolutely positively unapologetic about my lost shit nor am I in any rush to find it as I’m totally into nipping in the bud-ness but I am also very aware that I can’t go around blowing fuses every single time something like this happens (I don’t possess enough fuses for that). The differentiation of what’s worth a fuse and what isn’t and developing thick mommy skin is going to be a task that will require the constant hand of Jesus upon me at all times, because right about now I’m feeling like a new born baby out in these streets, but I’m ready to do the work! And so this is yet another learning experience in the magical world of mommyhood. Oy vey!

No worries…I got this!

I’m Obsessed With

Creating healthy eating habits is a motherf**ker! No matter how good you think you’re doing trust me there are a thousand things you’re doing wrong. I honestly thought that I was a pretty good eater, I love fruits and veggies and I don’t eat alot of junk (except that time of the month) but there were so many other things I didn’t take into account like the times that I eat, the times I do not, the amount that I eat when I do eat etc etc. So I’m trying to fix one thing at a time. And man is it is a constant struggle. I love the salt and the crunch of potato chips but there’s no need to tell you how bad those are for you. So I replaced them with Roasted Seaweed:


I guess it’s sort of an acquired taste but I love sushi so roasted seaweed is good to me, they come in different flavors but I’m partial to the olive oil and sea salt ones. It’s some of the salt of the potato chips and the initial crunchiness until it kind of melts once it’s in your mouth. The best part is it’s high in protein and it’s about 30-60 calories per pack (depending on the brand). For me it’s a start on my journey to healthier eating.

Have you tried roasted seaweed? Do you love or hate it?