Okay so this isn’t so much a quote as it is motivation. ¬†And to this I say trueeeeeee!

im off to the gym i think my awesome personality could use a bangin ass body to go w it

No worries…I got this!


Summertime all the time fine: Workout Motivation

In addition to my 2 days a week training with The Assassin I am responsible for going to the gym 2 days a week and doing kick ass cardio. This makes me more nervous than going with The Assassin because that means I am solely responsible for making sure that I’m:
1) pushing myself to work as hard as I can
2) making sure my form is proper
3) not cutting corners
This all seems easy enough in essence but when you’re running on that treadmill or pushing on that eliptical and you feel like you can’t breath or your arms and thighs are in so much pain that you figure any minute now you can and will collapse is when it gets hard.

workout motivation 1

Last night was my “alone” day at the gym and 35 minutes into my 45 minute stint on the eliptical I just about threw in the towel.

workout motivation 3

I made all kinds of excuses for why it would be okay to quit. You’re still sore from your training session with The Assassin, it’s ok. This is your first week back, it’s ok. It’s only 10 minutes, it’s ok.

workout motivation

And just as I started to slow down to cheat myself out of 10 minutes these 2 songs came on my iphone (see below). And just like that I was back at it pushing through all the pain and soreness. I was in the zone. It was like a sign from the workout guardians watching over me saying you can do it. And so I did! I felt so accomplished and sore when I stepped out of that gym last night because I knew it was that easy for me to quit but I didn’t. That’s what it’s all about! So when you’re feeling like quitting or throwing in the towel just think about how great you’ll feel pushing through the pain.

workout motivation 2

No worries…I got this!

My 2 newfound motivational songs:

Operation Summertime All the Time Fine Workout: Day 1

And so it begins!!!

So you know how in the fitting room you try on pants and they make your ass look fantabulous or a dress that accentuates every curve and as you look into the “trick mirror” you say to yourself “damn I didn’t know my body was so hot”? Yeah well I had the same experience looking at myself in the gym mirror yesterday but the opposite. “Damn I didn’t know I was that fat!” The only difference is fitting room mirrors lie, gym mirrors don’t. And at that moment I realized I was at the right place at the right time.

Yesterday was Day 1 of operation get my body back, or as my sissy and I call it operation summertimeallthetime fine, with my trainer who’s been affectionately dubbed “The Assassin”. He’s the one responsible for turning me from this:

size 14

size 14

to this:

size 10

size 10

In a matter of 4 months.

I approached my workout knowing that I had alot of work to do, besides a handful of times since I’ve had the baby and some sporadic working out before she was conceived I really haven’t spent much time in, near or around a gym. I left my workout realizing that “alot of work to do” was a mere understatement. I jumped jacks, I sweat, I squatted, I sweat, I planked, I sweat, I sat up, I sweat, I sweat, I sweat, I passed out (in my head), I sweat, I crunched, I sweat, I lifted, I sweat, I threw up (in my mouth), I sweat, I threw up some more (in my mouth), I sweat! I worked muscles and felt pain in places I didn’t know existed. But at the end of it all I put in work and putting in the work and maybe some tough love and encouragement from The Assasin is all I need to get the results I want to feel, look and be healthy and be able to fit into cute clothes again (I have some trips and bikinis to see this summer). I’m getting a little sorer as the day progresses but I take proud and satisfaction in knowing that it’s all in a day’s workout.

And so begins my journey to fitness and summertimeallthetime fine. Wish me luck!

No worries…I got this!